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Exorde Client is an open source software created by Exorde Labs that can be used to participate into the Exorde Protocol. This application works out of the box without configuration. You only have to install and run it, then your computer will actively participate into the protocol by collecting and processing data.

When working properly, the client will autocollected data on the Web, process it with NLP algorithms & models (text analytics), then submit (spot) data to the Exorde Protocol. The client will also participate (optionally) in validation processes. Every time the protocol validates a submission, it rewards the author with REP. REP is visible on the Testnet Leaderboard. REP is refreshed every few minutes.


Feel free to reach us on Discord if you have any question or if you spotted a mistake in this documentation.

Exorde Client

Exorde Client is the command line interface software, it works on Windows, Linux and macOS.

It does not come with a GUI, it aims to be used by advanced users who want to run it inside a terminal. The installation process assumes that users who run Exorde Client are familiar with command lines.

You can run the Exorde Client with a Docker container:

Using the container image is the recommended way to run Exorde Client. It avoids dependencies issues, handles automatic restart in case of failure/application update and make it easier to run multiple instances of the application.