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Automatic remote updates (need to restart the application)

Sometimes, Exorde Labs needs to push some update in the code. The module will detect it, and kill itself. This is important for the Exorde Network to remain homogenous, so older versions have to be killed right away.

When this happens, the module will print a message & shut down. It has to be restarted manually, the update occurs on start.

If you have installed Exorde CLI with Docker following our recommandations, the application will restart automatically to avoid downtime.

In other cases, you can use tools to watch for the application's state and restart it automatically in case of failure/update.


Theses updates only need a restart of your container. When a remote update occurs, we do not build a new container image, so there is no need to delete the container and pull the full image again.

Of course, create a new container will work, but new container means new worker that will increase network load to get initialized.

Manual updates (need to re-install the application)

If automatic update fails, the application must be re-installed to keep working. An error message is printed in the application when a new download est needed.

To update a Docker container, follow these steps:

  1. Stop and delete all running containers of Exorde CLI:

    docker stop <CONTAINER_NAME> && docker rm <CONTAINER_NAME>

    For example, if you are running only one container named "exorde-cli":

    docker stop exorde-cli && docker rm exorde-cli
  2. Start new containers:

    docker run \
    -d \
    --restart unless-stopped \
    --pull always \
    --name <CONTAINER_NAME> \
    exordelabs/exorde-cli \