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Install Exorde CLI from a container image

You can run Exorde CLI using a container image from Docker Hub. If you are an advanced user, you also have the ability to build your own image from sources.


This documentation uses Docker as example, but commands should be the same for other container runtimes like Podman.


  • Windows 8.1/10/11 or Linux or macOS
  • A container runtime, like Docker
  • 4 GB RAM (+ 1 GB per additional module run)
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 1 GB storage (HDD or SSD)

Method 1 - Install the official Exorde CLI image

The official Exorde CLI image is a Linux image which runs natively on Linux and macOS with amd64 and arm64 CPU. Windows users must configure Docker in Linux container mode.

The latest image of Exorde CLI can be retrieved from Docker Hub, this image is ready to run. You can directly go to the run section.

Method 2 - Build and run your own image

You can build your own image from sources:

  1. Download the latest version of Exorde CLI:
    wget \
  2. Unzip Exorde CLI:
    unzip \
    && rm \
    && mv ExordeModuleCLI-main ExordeModuleCLI
  3. Go to the root of Exorde CLI folder:
    cd ExordeModuleCLI
  4. Build the container image:
    docker build -t exorde-cli:latest .

Exorde CLI is now ready to run within a container!

Please read the run section to have more information about how to run Exorde CLI.